Collaborations are the fundamental part of our strategy. We look forward to building partnerships with others around the world, including manufacturers, distributors, associations, and R&D institutions or academia.

新博国际娱乐appWe are interested in the collaboration throughout all stages of a drug’s life, from development to go to the market. We seek for the products and also advanced technologies, which meet the needs of our strategic development.



Currently, we mainly focus on the following twelve categories, but other areas are not limited for collaborations.



新博国际娱乐appOur dedicated staff will keep close work with our partners to make tailored plans to achieve mutual goals. We are open to a variety of collaboration structures including products license-in, technology transfer, joint venture, M&A, and others.

We will make differences in Chinese pharmaceutical market with our partners, to consistently pursue beyond profits and achieve our mission better life together.

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