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Multiple CR Pharma subsidiaries awarded “Top 100 of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry in 2016”

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Recently, the Southern Medicine Economic Institute of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) releases “Top 100 of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry in 2016". CR Pharma subsidiaries including CR Sanjiu, Dong-E E-Jiao, CR Double-Crane ranks 20th, 36th and 38th, respectively.  

CR Pharma is the second largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in China. Its pharmaceutical business covers chemical drugs, Chinese medicines, biopharmaceutical products and nutritional and health products. CR Sanjiu is primary focus on OTC medicines and prescription Chinese medicines, also enjoys a higher market share in several therapeutic areas such as cold and cough remedies, gastrointestinal, skin care products, orthopedics, pediatrics, Chinese medicine formula granules, etc. CR Double-Crane is primary focus on six specialized product line including chronic diseases drug, injection, pediatrics, nephrology, etc. Dong-E-E-Jiao is the largest production enterprise of the E-Jiao series products in China, the leader of National Engineering Technology Research Center of Rubber Traditional Chinese Medicines and National Standard of Rubber Traditional Chinese Medicines, and the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Dong-E E-Jiao Production Technology Inherits Enterprise. 

"Top 100 of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry” was sponsored by the Southern Medicine Economic Institute of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) in 2006, which having higher authority and greater influence in the industry.  


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