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新博国际娱乐appWe are the flagship subsidiary of China Resources Group, engaging in the research and development, manufacturing, distribution and retail of a broad range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.In 2017, our total revenue is HK$ 172.5 billion.


We have many subsidiaries include China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Co.,Ltd, China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Resources Double-Crane Pharmaceutical co., Ltd., Shandong Dong-E-E-Jiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Resources Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Our A share subsidiaries, CR Sanjiu(stock code:000999), CR Double-Crane(stock code:600062) and Dong-E-E-Jiao(stock code:000423) are listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange or the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

新博国际娱乐appWe have one of the most comprehensive pharmaceutical product portfolios among all pharmaceutical manufactures, covering a range of therapeutic areas such as Chinese medicines and biopharmaceutical drugs, as well as nutritional and health products. We enjoy market leading positions in nutritional Chinese medicines, cardiovascular system, alimentary tract and metabolism, large-volume IV infusion, anti-infection, reproductive health, cold and cough, dermatology and Chinese medicine formula granules. Many of our products are marketed under trademarks that have long been widely recognized in the industry for their high-quality and effectiveness. For example, we own a number of Well-Known Trademarks including “Sanjiu (also known as “999”), “Double-Crane”, ”Saike”, ”Dong-E-E-Jiao”, “Zizhu”, “Yuting”, “Tianhe” and “Shenlu”. “999” was named three times among the “Most Valuable Chinese Brands” and”Dong-E-E-Jiao”was awarded as “China Quality Award”.

We are a leading pharmaceutical supply chain solution provider in China, and ranked second in the PRC pharmaceutical distribution business in terms of scale in 2015. Leveraging our comprehensive product offerings, wide distribution networks and strength in high-end pharmaceutical products, we directly distribute products to hospitals and other medical institutions in 31 provinces in China. We also established long-term stable cooperative relationships with nearly 10,000 upstream suppliers. Our retail pharmacy network of more than 700 retail pharmacies include a number of national and regional premium brand names such as “CR Care (华润堂),” “Yibaoquanxin (医保全新),” “Li’an chain (礼安连锁),” and “Tung Tak Tong (同德堂).”

We have enriched and high-quality resources and outstanding capabilities in research and development. We conduct our independent research and development activities through the Pharmaceutical R&D Center and our subsidiaries, which administer the National Research Center for Gelatin Traditional Chinese Medicine Engineering and Technology (国家胶类中药工程技术研究中心) and the National Research Center for Proprietary Chinese Medicine Engineering and Technology (国家中成药工程技术研究中心) . We also collaborate with external research partners, including leading research institutions such as the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Science (中国科学院生物物理研究所) , the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (国家纳米科学中心), leading universities and hospitals includes Institute of Material Medical, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking University and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, as well as medical research institutes in the United States and Korea. We have 20 R&D projects were listed in National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for “Significant New Drugs Development” during the Eleventh and Twelfth Five-year Plan Period and have nearly 1,000 patents.

Adhering to our mission “be the guardian of human health and improve quality of life”, we will continue to expand our business in major stages of our pharmaceutical value chain, focus on research and innovation and further upgrade our pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities, continue to extract and maximize synergies in our integrated business model and optimize resource allocation and operating efficiency, enhance our comprehensive competitiveness through international cooperation, and thus further enhance our position as a leading, integrated pharmaceutical company.

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